Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Input, please! :)

Well, here we are, heading into spring, and oh, have I ever been naughty about posting. I'm working on streamlining my posting technique, but right now, its taking me almost two hours to put up a recipe, and that's AFTER I've photographed it/made it, and I just have not been making the time for it successfully. Anyhow, here are the updates:

Both the pumpkin pie (which turned out yummy!) and the spice cake (which was liked, but not exactly what I wanted) that I promised back in November were swiftly devoured before I could snap any pictures of them. However, I have since remade the cake (with appropriate tweaks, only sans fancy layers, ready for your personal favorite fillings, etc), photographed it (though humbly) and will shortly be posting it as Spanish Almond Torte.

However, I haven't really been in the mood for Classic Pumpkin Pie again since the holidays are over, so... Either I can post the recipe without pictures, and perhaps one of you can submit pics of your own implementations (which I would LOVE to see!!!), or I can wait to post it till I make it again-- which, knowing myself, I assume won't be until the weather goes Autumn-ish again. Leave me your comments, let me know what you think! (Update: I posted it, sans pictures. I'm sure I'll make it again next fall!)

The Tom Khar Kai I posted today, and I have pictures languishing on my hard drive for the Eggplant Lasagna (which we've been making far too often, and ought to be ashamed of our gluttonous ways).

I've been toying with a Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting recently, which had all the body and flavor that I was hoping for; yet, due to the erythritol, had an unpleasant grittiness and a harsh aftertaste that I'm not happy with yet, so no progress on that front. If I can manage it, I'll be a happy camper. (Update: As of May '09, still not happy with my experiments. Still trying!)

Also, I have been baking with carob, and have hatched a glorious, darkest-chocolate cake. Details to follow. (Update: made this bad boy for Easter Sunday. Took pictures. Oh man.)

In parting, Easter is nearing again, and that means lemon bars. If anyone has any recipes I can get started with, I'd be greatly obliged to them! :D (Update: Made Lemon Curd Tart instead!)

Hope you're having a beautiful week!


ms. v said...

did you try powdered erythritol in your frosting? I find using that plus stevia to kick the sweetner up further works quite well. :)

Gwuinifer said...

@ Ms. V: Sure did! The recipe is a cooked one, where you dissolve the sugar with egg whites in a double boiler over very low heat, so I thought it would be able to overcome the erythritol's tendency to recrystallize... Any ideas? I sure would like to get a good frosting recipe worked out. And yeah, I love combining stevia with the sugar alcohol (and sometimes a touch of molasses) to round out the flavor profile! The Amazing Lauren over at Healthy Indulgences ( http://healthyindulgences.blogspot.com ) turned me on to it about a year ago and I've never looked back, dah-ling! :D

Lauren said...

Oh wow, so you tried the SMB with erythritol! Good to know it doesn't work. Sorry you had to be the one to find that out. It's kinda neat how we can put our heads together and figure this stuff out, no? And it's cool to see the progress you've made cooking with erythritol, Gwuinifer! I'm learning from your experiments... :)

Gwuinifer said...

@Lauren: Yeah, totally! I think this must be the reason that most commercially available SF or LC goodies are using maltitol instead of erythritol-- I think it must cook down into a syrup more easily, and then stay a syrup without the recrystallization. Too bad it gives my tummy so much trouble! I'm positive we'll find a way eventually, though! Keep on keeping on, girl!

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